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The D.W.S. structure consists of two strata: panel and modules. The panel is the back of the structure as a whole and it is covered with fabric giving a very elegant effect. The fabric, available in different colours, hides inside the necessary sound absorbing material. Wooden modules – the very heart of the whole System – are hooked to the panel with the precision of a mosaic and can be adjusted in 4 directions thanks to a particular kinematics. This particular kind of flexible geometry of the system with its structure in two levels confers to the D.W.S. a new fundamental role in the acoustic sector; it allows autonomous control of the sound reflection effects and also of the sound waves diffraction – like a diamond does with a light beam. The density of nine points of control per square meter grants great comfort and the highest acoustic performances in every kind of space: studios, houses, theaters, hotels, conference rooms, etc. Modules may be customized both in design and in finishing in order to offer a versatile product with great attention to details but always of excellent quality. We were concerned that it should be adaptable to any interior space and thanks to the modularity of elements it is possible to create complete walls or smaller “pictures” where shelves, lights or other elements can be fitted.

The D.W.S. is the most innovative sound system for conceiving and organizing living spaces and increasing their value; not only granting the highest acoustic performances to musicians or to sound experts and lovers, but also giving a new sound comfort and pleasant relaxation to those who aspire to a new pleasure of domestic living.