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Listen to the Innovation

It was the historical year of the moon landing when Chiavari started its own enterprise producing unique bespoke luxury interiors. After forty years the company celebrates the success of its work with the launch of a brand-new project born out of Italian talent and creativity: the Dynamic Wall System.

Conceived by the architect Marco Francesconi – head of DGFdesign – the D.W.S. is a modular and dynamic system that totally breaks with traditional paneling, revolutionizing its activity and dramatically improving and expanding its functions. The clean and minimal design recalls, at first glance, a group of ideograms. It creates a real “wall sculpture” able to open out like a flower and to design the space as a sort of magnified origami. D.W.S. is an extraordinary system where the dynamism of the elements allows unlimited combinations, not only for a unique style but also for great efficiency.

Find out the secrets of the D.W.S. innovation